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The sling made of luxury Thai silk for mothers with style

What mothers in Asia have been using for many years is now available in Europe, too -- a sling made of real Thai silk for carrying your baby. Thanks to its novel ring mechanism the sling only has to be tied once and can then be used simply and practically. Once it has been tied it is ready to use at any time. The design is at the same time stylish, elegant and timeless. And when your baby is too big to carry the sling's quality material can be turned into a silk scarf.
All the slings are made of 100% quality Thai silk. Thai silk is a pure natural product which is made by a unique method of weaving. The result is a kind of fabric which is known as 'changeant silk'. Each sling is individually made. The slings are produced under fair working conditions in Thailand and before delivery the individual slings are subjected to a careful quality check.

When babies are carried in a sling almost all the senses are actively involved -- physical contact and the stimulus of movement are the most intensive signals of a loving mother or father. The acoustic response is stimulated by the voice and the heartbeat -- sounds which are already familiar to the baby from the time it spends in the womb. Even the smell of a person the baby knows well is a reassuring element. Babies carried in this way receive a sensation of closeness and shelter at an early stage, which automatically generates a healthy self-confidence.  
The benefits
The design is at the same time stylish, elegant and timeless. The sling is practical because it only has to be tied once and is after that ready for use at any time, offering no less than five ways in which a baby can be carried.
The sling only weighs about 350 g, while other slings can often weigh more than half a kilo, depending on their length. The fact that the end of the sling is thrown over your shoulder means that the baby can be breastfed discreetly in public.
The bag which comes with the sling provides storage space. The sling is secure because the rings are subjected to strict quality controls and can bear a weight of over 100 kg. Fathers, babysitters and friends can also use the sling, because the length can be adjusted simply and quickly. When the sling is no longer needed for carrying your baby the material can be used to make a silk scarf.

Product information
Sling made of 100% Thai silk. The rings are produced specifically for use in slings. Triple seams ensure absolute safety. The folder opens automatically to form the required pouch, while padding makes sure that there are no sharp edges. The sewn-in bag is ideal for stowing small items.
The double ring acts as an innovative stop mechanism. As soon as there is any weight inside the sling the silk can no longer slide through the rings. The material can be washed and ironed.

The slings are available in the limited edition featuring five vibrant colours: blue, red, orange, green and pink. They can be ordered online at