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The colourful world of Pylones

Everyday objects for both children and adults are re-created in a playful way and provided with colourful designs, many of them inspired by the natural world. Founded in France in 1985, Pylones USA has opened a number of shops in New York City. All the company's products are also available online. 
These adorable bike bells come in a variety of colorful designs and are crafted of durable baked enamel. Dimensions: 2.25"D x 1"H. Designed in France by Créa Créa.

With a reinforced metal interior, durable cloth exterior and hand-painted detail, this snazzy serpent is not only useful but beautiful. Dimensions: Approximately 68" in length when fully extended. Designed in France by Laurent Mouveau. 
With those bird scissors, take flight at your desk or anywhere that a scissor is needed. Blades are strong enough to cut fabric. Magnetized back for easy storage. Dimensions: 10"L x 3"W (handle). Designed in France by Marie-Gabrielle Verdoni (Pied a Coulisse). 
These serpents are handy staple removers. Bright and colorful, this serpentine delight is available in 4 colors. Dimensions: 2.5"L x 1.5"W. 
Kid sized stainless utensils make dining fun. Dishwasher safe, these forks and spoons feature fun animals. Dimensions: 5.5"L. Fork stainless-brown dog and spoon stainless-light blue fish.

How many times do we beg baby to open wide for the airplane? Direct from France, here's that plane and spoon. Available in pink and blue. Dimensions: 5.5"L x 5"W. Made in France. 
A green thumb is easy with these garden pruners, rakes and shovels. Dimensions: Rake: 8"L x 3"W, Shovel: 10"L x 3.5"W. Designed in France by Créa Créa.
Garden Rake- green and Pruners-skeleton 
Dishwashing is no longer drudgery with these whimsical, yet functional dish brushes. Available in 7 designs, these brushes feature nylon bristles to get your dishes clean and sparkly, and a suction cup base to keep the brush in place between uses. Dimensions: 2.75"D (on base) x 10" H. Designed in France by Créa Créa.

These clever characters add a new meaning to "fresh" when grinding fresh pepper or salt. Dimensions: 2"D (base) x 6.5"H. Designed in France by Créa Créa. 
Pylones has converted the familiar old colourful little Lego blocks into miniature loudspeakers. They run on the current produced by the iPods and for the price their sound quality is astonishingly good. A number of them bought in different colours enables children to build a tower of sound! Works with all classic iPods, iPod Nano and iPod Mini.
The larger size features enhanced bass sound and comes complete with a power adaptor. Please note that the speakers are not compatible with iTouch (2nd generation) or iPhone (all generations). Dimensions: Large: 9.5"L x 3.5"W x2"H , Small: 2.5"L x .75"W x .75"H. 
The always iconic Eiffel Tower is transformed into a handy cheese grater. The large size is perfect for cheeses and the smaller size works well for zesting citrus, slicing nuts, or grating garlic. Bon Appetit! Constructed from easy to clean stainless steel. DImensions: Large: 6"L x 11"H, Small: 3.5"L x 6"H. Designed in France.