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Healing silk for velvet skin

Neurodermatitis is a skin disease which causes serious itching and is also referred to as atopic eczema or dermatitis. It is a complex disease which is determined by a range of factors, but its symptoms are relatively similar (red, flaky and often weeping skin). Unfortunately it mainly affects children ( up to 20%).
In general the symptoms of neurodermatitis can appear in babies from the third month of life and as a rule as a weeping eczema. Initially red blotches become visible on the cheeks, then small weeping blisters form and burst. As the child grows older the typical areas which are affected are the elbows, backs of the knees and the wrists, as well as the hands.
If neurodermatitis occurs in the first months of life it is highly likely that the child will develop a so-called respiratory allergy. However, for most children with neurodermatitis the eczema will disappear again within the first ten years of life (approx.70%-80%). 
The second phase is neurodermatitis in childhood. This affects the elbows and backs of the knees in particular, with frequent scratching leading to thickening and roughening of the skin. The itching is very strong and often interferes with the child's sleep, which can affect the whole family.
The physical damage to the skin from scratching leads to complications caused by a susceptibility to bacterial, viral and fungal infections.
Although in childhood around 30% of sufferers react to allergens in foodstuffs such as milk and egg protein, fish, nuts, wheat flour and soy proteins, in time these recede into the background, to be replaced by airborne allergens (pollen, mites etc.). A major role here is played by the dust mite, and many sufferers with neurodermatitis react to its allergens.
The causes of neurodermatitis have still not been fully determined by science. Often susceptibility to the disease is inherited, but the factors which trigger the eczema are generally very individual and, in addition to dry skin and possible infections, allergens, irritants (e.g. textiles), extreme temperatures and even psychological factors such as anxiety and stress. Specially trained doctors can often determine the cause by detailed interviews, physical examinations, skin and blood tests. There are various methods of treating or relieving neurodermatitis: in addition to avoiding contact with the allergens, relief can be provided by therapy with the right medication and the right kind of care(skin care), possibly alternative medicine and UV therapy (for adults).
New, specially manufactured fabrics can relieve the irritation and accelerate the healing process of the skin: 'Dermasilk' is an anti-microbial textile which combines the exceptional wearing properties of silk with lasting protection against germs. The protective effect is achieved without any chemical treatment: no substances are released onto the skin.
Studies confirm that the non-allergenic Dermasilk helps to inhibit microbial infections and as a result enables the irritated skin to build up its own protective function.
Dermasilk is a modern therapeutic bandage in clothing form for the benefit of the patient. The cut and design are modern and can be worn without difficulty as fashionable 'basic wear'.
Susanne Fritz