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Marimekko for kids

Marimekko Design for kids

Marimekko Design for kids

I'm sure you all know the feeling – you've just bought two or three new pieces of clothing in a fit of enthusiasm and then realise with a shock that what you've bought doesn't really fit your style in the least and that it was all a big mistake. Well, that's exactly what happened to me not so long ago. 
After completely missing the Roberto Cavalli for H&M and only just managing to acquire the last remnants at Viktor&Rolf (not of course the wedding dress), I was determined to be the first this time at Tribute to Marimekko. And that's why early one rainy morning I was to be seen on the Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich, all alone with two fashion editors from a well-known Swiss women's magazine. We seemed to be the only ones interested in the release at the time. 
The new collection was advertised in loud colours by outsized posters in the shop window, and no sooner had the doors opened than I was the first to admire the very spring-like clothes that were on offer. I purchased two blouses in fine printed cotton. 
When I got home in the evening the first thing I did was try on my new acquisitions to see what would go with them. However, no sooner had I put the blouses on than I had to shake my head in disbelief at my own stupidity. How could I have failed to notice that they made me look like a cushion cover from Ikea? 
Well, in future women like me over the age of twelve should stay well away from large flower prints and leave them to little girls – on whom of course they look really cute! 
striped «Pikkupojanpaita» cotton shirt and the »Iloinen takki» dress with colourful small pockets, both designed by Vuokko Nurmesniemi.

striped «Pikkupojanpaita» cotton shirt and the »Iloinen takki» dress with colourful small pockets, both designed by Vuokko Nurmesniemi.

Marimekko's classic collection offers beautiful and comfortable clothes for children of all ages, from babies to teenagers. 
Maija Isola's bubbly Vissy pattern adorns a range of easy-care jersey garments in Mika Piirainen's autumn collection. The range features everything from baby clothes to T-shirts for teenagers. 
The collection's two flowered sateen dresses are every little girl's dream come true. The handsome Rosetta print is a variation on Maija Isola's Krysanteemi design from 1959. 
Maija Isola's Slavic-inspired ornamental Näsiä and Maija and Kristina Isola's jointly designed dotted Kiss-kiss are the patterns in Samu-Jussi Koski's childrenswear collection. 
The comfortable and beautiful cotton clothes in these two patterns are equally suited for everyday wear or special occasions. A classic woollen duffle coat provides warmth on chilly autumn days.