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Zürich for little ones

Apart from its wonderful location by a lake and its closeness to the countryside and the hills, Zurich is a friendly and cosmopolitan city, as pretty as a picture book. With its large areas of green the city is ideal for children, and its two rivers and the lake offer quick access everywhere to invitingly clean and refreshing water. However, Zurich provides kids not just with an ideal location but also with special shops and boutiques which devote a great deal of care and attention to the welfare of the youngest generation. 
In Seefeld, the area near the lakeside promenade where families stroll and relax every day, a number of shops offer a select range of products. One of these is «Vielfach» (diverse), a tiny shop with an unusual idea behind it.
Space in a shop window from 36 Swiss francs a month is what the «Vielfach» shop in the Fröhlichstrasse in the Seefeld area has to offer. The selection of goods to be found here is truly diverse, surprising and chosen with care. «Vielfach» is intended for artists, designers and start-up companies looking for a platform for their ideas or wanting to test their products. 
The product range is changing all the time, with one third of the exhibitors renting space for the long term. The designers themselves specify the price at which their products are to be sold, and «Vielfach» takes a commission of 10% on the sales price.

For design enthusiasts and lovers of real craftsmanship who are looking for something special and unusual this place is a real Mecca, where the product range adapts itself to the needs of the customer. You will find, for example, colourful waist wraps for large and small made by Maerliproducts, dogs of wood and leather by Palettino, lovingly designed bags by Loulilly's - not to mention stitch-on pictures by the artistic trio Mickry3, school exercise books by Schneesternchen and girls' skirts and hats which are individually knitted as a kind of occupational therapy by an 80-year woman. 
«What we offer depends on what customers are looking for, which means that our product range is constantly developing» says Simone Korte.

An interesting development is the «useful compartment», which is available free of charge to non-profit and charitable organisations or clubs which produce things that are sold for a good cause.

36 large, 40 small compartments
Small compartment: inner dimensions 36 x 36 x 36 cm, opening of 32 x 32 cm. Large compartment: inner dimensions 48 x 48 x 48 cm, opening of 44 x 44 cm. Each compartment is individually illuminated.
Compartments can also be rented in the virtual space.

A classic among the 'Finks' – every native of Zürich has had them at one time, and perhaps owns them to the present day, because the red, black and white favourites are now also available in grown-up sizes. An absolute must ... 
In addition to the 'Finks' the Tiger-Fink shop has a wide range of unusual gift products as well as exclusive labels for young and old, including imps&elfs, Oilily, kenzo, IKKS, and Eliane et Lena. The illustrated magazines and their information are also popular.
In the autumn of 2006 Edition Tiger-Fink published its first book for children: «Alle meine Kleider» (All my clothes) is a fold-out playbook in which clothes for little girls are presented. Also available in English
There will soon be a link for retro articles with classics such as Oshkosh, Converse, Tiger-Fink, Fischer-Price, classic books such as Babar and Rössli Hü as well as furniture which the founder restores herself whenever possible. Since May 2008 Tiger-Fink has also had a branch in the Metzgergasse in St.Gallen.


David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, the creators of the Uglydolls, produced them as a sign of their feelings for each other. After the monsters had managed this at exhibition locations such as the Museum of Contemporary Art they then received the «Toy of the year 2006» award. 
Panton Junior

Panton Junior

Panton Junior
For many years Verner Panton occupied himself with the idea of making a plastic chair from a single mould. Because the technology at the time was still limited it was difficult to implement series production of such a chair. Together with Fehlbaum Productions (Vitra) / Herman Miller the first prototypes were then created in the Sixties, and from 1967 the Panton Chair – made of polyester reinforced by glass – was produced on a large scale. It immediately became a sensation and won numerous awards. Today the Panton Chair is one of the world's best-known chairs. 
The Panton Junior is based on a prototype which Verner Panton designed at the time for pre-school age children (around 3 to 6 years old). Production began in 2006 and the chair is available in the colours white, rose, light blue, orange, red and green. 
Dimensions: 62.8 x 37.6 x 44.6 cm

has recently moved to a pretty little shop in the Seefeldstrasse. Trottinette presents high-end children's fashions and stocks the following brands:
Polo by Ralph Lauren
Tommy Hilfiger
Rock Star Baby
cwirbelwind bags (similar to Freitag)


District 5 contains lots of small boutiques and shops which are a hotbed of creativity. 


Nepomuk has been open for two years now and is exclusively for children. The shop doesn't sell mass-produced goods but things for kids made by small producers, ethnically produced in small workshops. Its range includes durable toys which have a learning function and stimulate children to discover and create things for themselves. 
Nepomuk also has its own collection of clothing such as shorts, knickerbockers, sailor shirts and children's bags. 
Little Company
The little shop in the Joefstrasse is lovingly furnished and tidy, featuring a selected range of scarves, leggings, unusual nightlights, creams and humorous and sweet gifts. Wallpaper animals, wall stickers and children's jewellery are among the big hits here. Products are by Taj Wood & Scherer, Esthex, Lisbeth Dahl, Anne Claire Petit, Stork Sak, Bellybutton, Little Wonder, NooNoo Design and Tsé & Tsé. Small items of furniture made by Vitra, Nume Design and other prestigious manufacturers from at home and abroad are also part of the range at Little Company. 
This tree cut out of wallpaper consists of five parts and colourful leaves, with a mixture of colours in line with the pictures displayed. The size is 200 x 260 cm (WxH) and the wallpaper is supplied ready cut, together with brush and paste. The leaves can be individually arranged. 
'Mahlzeit' (meal) is a matching bag for three ready-meal jars: breakfast, lunch and dinner are held in place safe in a compact way that protects them from breakage. And the best thing is that the spoon is right there, too. Later a biscuit tin and drink container can also be stored just as well, in which case a drinking straw takes the place of the spoon. So enjoy your meal! Gray woolen felt with embroidery in blue, light green or pink, and spoon in matching colour. 
Quilted, soft baby's blanket sized 80 x 100 made of cotton with a large appliqué of printed cotton. On the star there are small astronauts and a little retro universe. The border is a wide satin band. 

The attractive thing about the minimöbl collection is not just its clean, timeless design but also its flexibility. Each item of furniture can be converted, extended and replaced just as required. A standard size bed can be mounted on a shelf unit to become a bunk bed, or can later be converted into a guest bed. A side unit can be used as a bedside table, a bench or a shelf, and a 120 cm high cupboard which is ideal for children transforms itself into a sideboard.
The minimöbl collection is also the high quality of the individual components, which are produced by hand in small series from slabs of solid spruce on which solvent-free paint is sprayed. All minimöbl furniture is a purely Swiss product.

In the Altstadt you will find the old-established handicraft and toy shop Pastorini.
Frog Chair, nature and green / Treasure trove for junior pirates and explorers

Frog Chair, nature and green / Treasure trove for junior pirates and explorers

More than 12,000 toys for people of all ages stimulate the imagination and creativity. These original products are made in Europe and consist of natural and ecologically sustainable materials 

wink is a fashion store in Oberdorf which has set itself the target of bringing fashion awareness in line with the attributes of «organic» and «fair trade». In addition to conventionally produced trendwear, the shop is constantly expanding its organic and fair trade collections. The range is aimed at wide-awake aesthetes who don't wish to place restrictions on what they wear but are also aware of where and how their clothes are produced.
With its slogan «The future begins now» the shop demonstrates that environmentally conscious consumption is not a contradiction but simple common sense. Among other brands wink stocks kuyichi, eco levis, sessun, aem kei, bathbloom, misericordia, smirk, scea, and stewart brown.
robert and josiane cosmetic

robert and josiane cosmetic

A couple from Winterthur have committed themselves to natural products and the trend towards a slower lifestyle. Their cosmetics line consists of 100% valuable plant oils and natural contents, and is produced with care in small quantities. Wherever possible the raw materials are sourced locally. The resulting products are exceptionally mild and are also suitable for the sensitive skin of children. Soaps lovingly packaged by hand reflect a respect for nature and its scents. 
Trendsetters wear the new Spring Court Enfant or Spring Court Baby.