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Corporate Identity for a Pediatricion

The international agency "Factordesign" delevoped a Corporate Identity for a Pediatricion that goes hand in hand with the interior architecture of Susanne Beissner-Schindler.

Creative Director Uwe Melichar gave us an interview about the project... 
Mr. Melichar, is this a new design or an updated version?

It's a new design. When Dr. Uhlig refurbished his clinical practice he decided to ask us for a new coporate design with a brand new logo. We have developed and launched the new CD and we've applied it to several ¬communication materials such as stationary, prescription pad, website and internal and external sinage.
We call the process „launch":
„Launching" an idea is a complex process. It requires skill and great fortitude sprinkled with optimism. Each decision is dependent on the next. One decision begets another, and another. Open the right door and the world is yours. Open the wrong one, and…

What is the key brand message?
Dr. Uhlig wants his little patients to feel comfortable when they enter the practice for a checkup, examination, or immunization. The logo had to applie to the world of kids but furthermore it had to be a respectable mark for a person in the medical profession.

What inspired the logo design?
The logo is inspired by a stethoscope, the most well known tool of a doctor combined with a laughing face.

What makes this logo distinct in the category?
If ever a picture mark is used in that business you'll find a lot of little cute bears etc. If logotypes appear you'll often find childrens handwritings. It's either too childish and not serious enough or it appears pure medical without any link to children.

Where they any reasons for the specific colors you chose
Orange and light blue are strong contrasts but also give a certain warmth to the Corporate Design. Primary colours attract kid's and make the design clear and remarkable.

What do you think helps make the logo memorable and/or distinct?
It's the funny combination of a medical tool together with the smiling face.

Anything else interesting or creative about the process you went through?
Dr. Uhlig went intensivly through the process with us and trusted our recommendation.
No compromisis. Our design fits perfect to the interior design of the new practice.
The new Thonet chairs have been painted in our corporate colours and the sunblinds have been printed with illustrations from our corporate design programm. It's really an integrated concept and appearance. 
Was there anything in particular about this process that was challenging?

We've incorporated kid's in the process and asked them to draw pictures about „visiting the doctor". So we got a bunch of wonderful drawings of ambulances, injections, hospitals etc.

What makes you most proud of this logo design?
It's 100% accepted and loved by children and there parents and if talking with somebody about Dr. Uhlig the logo and the corporate design are the issues named first. 
Stationary and business cards

Stationary and business cards

Design of the website

Design of the website

Project Pediatricion Dr. Uhlig

Factor Design
Creative Direction: Uwe Melichar
Design: Lena Vollmert

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