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My first PIXI books

A real treat for all vintage parents!
All those who take their little darlings out in an old pram painted red or made of denim and are always looking through charity shops for original baby and children`s clothing from the Seventies will be delighted with these 18 PIXI books, which have real cult status. They are part of the "My first PIXI books" series. These world-famous little books are in fact intended for the two to six-year old age group. However, at the end of the Seventies the Carlsen Verlag publishers aimed at a second target group: toddlers aged between 9 and 24 months. As a result the edition contains only photos and no text. Altogether three series were published.
"My first PIXI books" are also a little different from the normal dimensions: the size (10 x 10 cm) is standard for the series, but instead of 24 pages these books "only" contain 12. The pages are not made of normal paper but are reinforced – in other words ideal for the little ones. The standard PIXIS begin normally on the first page with the title, name of author and illustrator, and space for the owner of the book to enter his or her name.
Here everything is very different. The book immediately begins with the main thing: the pictures. Simple photos (including some by the photographers Lars Wik and Hans and Pylle Søndergård) show objects which toddlers know from their everyday environment. There is nothing to distract the eye from the photos and drawings. Everything is clearly arranged and clearly presented. As the book only contains a few pages it generally doesn't take too long for the child to look at them, with the result that looking at the pictures never becomes boring. 
All these books are great and highly recommended, but in my opinion the books about the seasons from Series 2 are especially good.
In the book "In the springtime", for example, the theme is 'playing outside'. On the left-hand side a tricycle can be seen on a meadow. The right hand page shows the same scene, with the difference that there is now a child sitting on the tricycle. The same procedure is followed for the playground equipment of swings, slide, handcart and ball – an idea which is just as simple as it is effective.
The books promote the child's language development and its understanding of the world around it. Little stories can be devised and told to the pictures. Parents are sure to have fun rediscovering the typical clothing and toys of the Seventies which they themselves wore and played with. A photo of mummy or daddy as a toddler will probably not be very different from the pictures in these books, and will be sure to create a lot of amusement within the family circle. It's a pity that this series is now out of print, but it is still available from second-hand bookshops or internet auctions. 
Beate Wassermann