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Drawing Books

The days of colouring books in which children always had to colour in the same boring old motifs are long gone. The new books on the market challenge children to create things themselves and stimulate their own ideas. The two volumes "Das Krickel Krackel Buch" and "The Doodle Book" can be especially recommended here:
"Das Krickel Krackel Buch" is a project by the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. In the book 14 students from the department of Illustration and Communication Design have implemented their artistic ideas on the theme of colouring books in the most diverse ways. The pictures invite children to continue painting the motifs which have been started, and to use them as a basis for telling their own stories.  
On every page or double page there is the beginning of a picture, with plenty of space – in both senses of the word - and a question which matches the picture, such as "What's coming out of these eggs? What have the thieves hidden here? What has the crocodile just eaten?" All in all an innovative painting book for junior artists.
In the "Doodle Book" the marvellous Japanese author and illustrator Taro Gomi has created more than 350 pages full of ideas and fun for children of all ages, both large and small. There's an empty bus, for example, waiting for passengers; plates which have to filled with food; little penguins hoping to be given warm clothing and monsters waiting to be fed.  
Particularly attractive is the series of masks which first have to be coloured in and can then be cut out and used. With this book children can even design their own writing paper.
Unfortunately Taro Gomi, who had a worldwide hit in particular with the children's book "Everybody Poos," is still not represented by a German publishing house.

These two books are guaranteed to turn every long car journey and visit to a restaurant into a diverting and relaxing experience for both children and parents.

„Das Krickel Krackel Buch":
Verlag Friedrich Oetinger, Hamburg 2008

„The Doodle Book":
Thames & Hudson Ltd, London 2003
Beate Wassermann