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Shopping in Stockholm: big time for small fashion victims

Lately when kidsmodern visited the furniture fair in Stockholm, we were strolling through town, taking a little break and watching out for the latest Scandinavian fashion-trends. But instead of shopping for ourselves, we found lots of stuff for our kids..
The first shop we discovered was "uni", a shop owned by Linda Glad and Sara Skogsmark. The store sells its own brand, which is designed by Linda and Sara, as well as other Scandinavian brands. 
Linda in her shop on Åsögatan

Linda in her shop on Åsögatan

The concept is so successful, that they started franchising their brand to start a chain of stores in Sweden.
For their collection "uni" only use soft, pure cotton. The cloth is knitted in Sweden, where the Swedish legal system prevents the use of strong toxic chemicals for dyeing.
Sweden is considered to be one of the most progressive societies regarding gender equality. The typical division of labour – the woman takes care of the children and the home, the man earns money - is very much outdated in Sweden and work can be split up amongst partners.
Sara and Linda are very proud of this. Making no gender differences - all clothes they produce are unisex - was a conscious choice they made for their collection. Each one of their colourful designs fits boys as well as girls.  
some shirts of the new "uni" collection

some shirts of the new "uni" collection

colorful and .. such a great choice!

colorful and .. such a great choice!

Very close to "uni" we discovered another gorgeous kid's shop:
Mini rodini was founded by Cassandra Rhodin. Cassandra is a Swedish fashion illustrator and she has been working with clients like H&M, Nylon, Urban Outfitters and ELLE. Cassandra had her first son in 2003 and she soon realized, that it was impossible for her to find baby clothes she really liked. 
Jon in the shop on Nytorgsgatan

Jon in the shop on Nytorgsgatan

Rodini is the name that her great grand father, the legendary circus king Brazil Jack, used as a young man, when he travelled around and performed with a group of gypsies in the romantic 1890s.

Mini rodini designs fashionable, modern, high-quality clothes full of humour and creativity for children between 0-7 years, ranging from basic cotton t-shirts to luxurious leather jackets and cashmere sweaters.
Cassandra runs her own boutique together with her husband on Nytorgsgatan in Stockholm, where they exclusively sell her brand. Mini rodini is also available at retailers in 80 independent shops and department stores around the world. 
Comic-prints characterize the mini rodini collection

Comic-prints characterize the mini rodini collection


Åsögatan 130
11624 Stockholm

mini rodini
Nytorgsgatan 36
11640 Stockholm  
Susanne Fritz