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3 children´s beds which turn your kid into a late riser

The first major purchase when a child is expected is often a baby bed-
And suddenly one notices: it could also be the second major purchase for the kid.
While the kids sleep, they quickly outgrow their bed..
Below the latest designs on children´s beds. 
Culla Belly, the Plug-in Baby bed

In the first few months of life, vicinity to the mother is especially important. In the 2nd year of ist life a baby starts to develop the consciousness of being an individual person. The babybed Culla Belly is designed by Manuela Busetti and Andrea Garuti to accomplish the needs of a newborn child. Culla Belly can be either be attached to the parent´s bed or easily be transformed into a gently rocking, freestanding bassinet.
Koselig - A hybrid bed that grows with your child

Line Numme designed a prototype of children´s bed for her neighbour, that unifies the advantages of a cot with a bassinet and that does without a lattice thanks to the textile lining on ist sides. For infants, the aluminium bar can be detached and the lining can be jammed under the matress to fix the Koselig bed to the parent´s bed.
It can be attached to any bed, with or without frame.
Later, when the child sleeps in its own bed, the aluminium bar can be replaced. The textile lining prevents your child from falling out of the bed and protects the head due to the soft material.

MV, the modern cot

Huib Muilwijk designed in cooperation with Richard Hutten, Ann Maes, Arnout Visser and Joost Zwarte a.o. a children's bed which is currently going into production and will be available soon.
All the beds are made by hand from multiplex and are available in different colours (RAL), lacquered with non-VOC paint (non-VOC paint is a solvent-free paint especially for sensitive people like children or people with allergies, asthma, or chemical sensitivities).
The bed which is 85 cm high 70 cm wide and 124cm deep can be used in two different heights and is therefore adaptable for different age-ranges. Though it doesn't look like the typical cot with a standard lattice, it is corresponding to the European laws for safety.
The M/V bed usually Ships Within 8-12 Weeks and will cost about €785.00 (for Europe)
M/V will not be sold in stores yet. For inquiries:
Susanne Fritz