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One laptop per child @ Art Basel

"It's an education project, not a laptop project." says Nicholas Negroponte.
His goal is to provide children around the world with new opportunities to explore, experiment and express themselves.
The swiss designer Yves Behar, who is very successful in the US with his firm FuseProject, was selected as industry designer.
He says:
„One laptop per child, or OLPC, is a non profit organization committed to bringing technology and education to millions of children in developing countries worldwide.
Designed for children, the laptop is a compact, durable, and yet expressive product with a whimsical and tactile richness. The Wi-Fi antenna´s (also called rabbit Ears) give the OLPC a character like personality, functioning as covers for the laptop´s USB porst and as dual latches to close the clamshell.
The surrounding color bumper is a seal to protect from dust, as well as a tactile ergonomic surface; and also integrates the feet on the undessite of the laptop.The screen is both a colored image screen and a high-contrast black and white screen for reading text, even in the sun.
In ebook mode, the wide track-pad doubles as a drawing/stencil writing tablet ( important for learning to write script letters)."

The OLPC laptop, also called XO, is about the size of a textbook and lighter than a lunchbox.
The distinctive appearance is also meant to discourage gray-market traffic.
The production of the computer is planned to start in summer in Taiwan. The retail-price of 100 Dollar will be reached, as soon as the computer goes into mass-production. In the beginning, the computer will be sold for 150 $. Negroponte plans to sell 500 million laptops during a period of 5 years. If this happens, the XO will be the top-selling computer ever.