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Your child aged 2 to 2 1/2

Children at this age will run, jump and bounce around both inside and outside the home, and play with a large range of things. In the process prohibitions and warnings to be careful are not enough to ensure their safety.
Parents should train their children and allow them to collect experiences in a controlled manner, so that they learn to protect themselves by exercising caution. Children at this age mostly have accidents in the house. The most frequent injuries are those which result from burns and scalding, abrasions, injuries from falls, getting fingers and hands caught, banging against objects such as sharp edges, as well as cuts.


Small children can easily burn themselves, because they do not know the possible dangers yet or underestimate them. You should help them to collect experiences step by step, but always under your supervision.

What you can do:

Bring the hand of your child with the greatest of care - never by force or against his or her will – close to a candle flame, a warm hot plate on the cooker, the oven, the teapot etc. In this way he or she can feel the heat to a certain extent and learn to handle hot objects with care.

External injuries

Your child can primarily incur external injuries from sharp-edged and easily breakable objects. You should therefore think carefully about what things are suitable for play.

What you can do:

- You should not allow the child to play with easily broken objects like bottles, small jars of cream, jam jars, pocket mirrors etc.

-Tins and other objects with sharp edges should be kept well away from children.

- Teach the child the right way to handle scissors, preferably using children's scissors with blunt ends. With these cutting without great risk of injury is possible.


Poisoning is also possible in the 3rd year of life, since children still put lots of things into their mouths. Take care that children do not have access to any poisonous objects when they are exploring their environment.

What you can do:

- Forbid children to eat plants or berries without having shown them to you first, and explain what the consequences of poisoning are.

- For painting activities children should only be given non-toxic paints and colours. Keep any pest control and cleaning agents which you do not wish to do without under lock and key and in a safe place.

- Do not treat house plants with pest control agents when there are children nearby.

- Do not allow children access to spray cans, nail varnish or similar products which can contain poisonous substances.

bfu Kinderpost
Swiss advisory body for accident prevention
Susanne Fritz